Get the glow: Lighting your wedding

Oh my gosh guys, I have been truly rubbish at writing blog posts this year.  My last entry was in February! I do have excuses though as I went on holiday at the end of February to the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica and moved house (finally!).  I’m also working on a secret project behind the scenes which I hope to be able to share with you soon which basically takes up all of my time – exciting stuff!

Anyway – today, I wanted to discuss lighting your wedding.  To me, lighting is a simple yet hugely effective way of creating a lovely atmosphere and enhancing the design and feel of the day.

Lighting always gives a soft ambient glow, especially as the daytime turns to night.  Here are some examples of different types of lighting which you could encorporate within your wedding decor:

  • Candles – Probably the most beautiful, simple yet effective use of light. Can be used in lanterns, candelabras and votives. A couple of words of warning – check that your venue allows naked flame candles and BE CAREFUL  where they are placed.  Long dresses could get caught, hair and clothing could be set alight, foliage from floral displays are very flammable. If any of these things were to happen (and I have seen it myself) this would really put a dampener on proceedings.  Make sure you use hurricane vases and holders to keep things safe.  Some like to use battery operated tea lights to give a similar effect but end up being safer.  Also make sure you have someone who will light all the candles, whether this is the venue manager, wedding planner or a friend.  Purpose made candle lighters are the easiest to use as they are long and safe (less burnt fingers from matches!).
  • Fire light – If your wedding is taking place in the colder months, there is nothing more welcoming then a lit open fire to warm you up from the cold. Fire pits are a great way to add atmosphere in the gardens at night and give off a lovely warm glow.  Make sure there is some seating nearby and some lap blankets available.
  • Fairy Lights/Festoon Lights – Twinkly fairy lights make spaces look enchanting and inviting. You could drape them in the trees/hedges outside or have them above a dancefloor area.  Make sure that you hire these lights from reputable companies with relevant PAT testing certificates.
  • Uplighters and dimmed lighting – You could hire in coloured (to match your theme) lighting to create depth to a room, especially if the room is quite neutral and blank. Dim the lights if you can if you want a more romantic feel.

So think about “getting the glow” at your wedding – you may not have thought of it yet but perhaps it’s something to consider? Many event hire companies should be able to help.  Do make sure they have good testimonials and relevant safety certificates though.

Have a great week!

Olivia x