You’re Engaged! But what next?

So you’re engaged – what wonderful news and what an exciting time for you both!

But what happens now? Check out my list of things to do before you start wedding planning.

Enjoy the moment
You’re still pinching yourself following on from your dreamy engagement and constantly staring at the new bling that sits on your left hand. It’s just so sparkly! It’s important to enjoy this time, it’s a huge life event! Give yourself both time to digest the occasion.
Let your nearest and dearest know
You’ll probably be dying to tell your parents, siblings, extended family and your besties. Go ahead and do it. Milk the moment and take enjoyment from seeing their happy faces and the buzz that surrounds this time. You may wish to post a photo/announcement on social media too.
Get your ring resized if need be
If your new favourite possession doesn’t quite fit then you’ll need to get it resized as soon as possible so you can proudly show it off! Go to the jewellers where it was purchased and send it off. It’ll be really hard not having the ring in your possession but it will soon be back and safely secured on your finger! It might be a nice idea to get a fresh manicure too for all those instagram worthy photos you will inevitably take!
Roughly set a date
Start thinking about when you are likely to tie the knot. Will it be this year, next or even in two years time? Considerations such as budget, family events and supplier availability will play a part here.
Day dreamer
Immerse yourself in wedding magazines, blogs and pinterest to start figuring out the sort of wedding you’re after. Think about colours, style, dresses, who you will choose as your bridal party, locations etc.  You could use directories such as The Wedding Secret to start your search.
Keep a journal
Keep any inspiration you’ve found, useful contact numbers, blog posts, articles in one place. Write down any thoughts in a journal which you can keep and use throughout the process.


If you don’t know where to begin and thinking about planning sends you into complete overwhelm, you might want to check out my  8 step online course The Online Wedding Planner or come and join my FREE facebook group “The Wedding Planning Community” where you can gather helpful tips, advice and chat to other couples in the same boat.

All the best with planning your special day, I’d love to hear your proposal stories – send them here to get the chance to feature on my blog!

Olivia x