Wedding Flower Basics

Ok, firstly, this is a big topic and I am NOT a florist but the points below may assist you when choosing your florist and wedding flowers and to get to grips with wedding flower basics.

Flowers can really make a wedding, the scent, the colour, the nostalgia, the opulence, the simplicity, they really give a wow factor to your special day.  Your chosen florist will be able to advise you on flowers that are in season, what flowers go well together, what foliage will work and what arrangements will work best at your venue and for your style.  I would always recommend getting on…you know what I’m going to say…pinterest, to gather images of what styles, flowers, colours and themes your really love.

You might want to think about the following:

  • Bridal bouquet/Bridesmaids bouquets– what flowers do you love? Have these put in your bouquet. Do you want something modern and spherical or would you prefer something more whimsical and organic? Some brides choose to put a little photo of a love one or add important pieces of jewellery of sentimental value.  You won’t be able to hold on to these all day so make sure there are some vases available with water to keep them looking fresh.  You could put them on the cake table/on a mantelpiece to add to the decoration.
  • Buttonholes and corsages – Buttonholes will match what’s in the bridal bouquet and are given to the best man, ushers, fathers, brothers and grandfathers (and any other male in your bridal party). Corsages are for the ladies to wear on their wrist or lapel, for the mothers, grandmothers, sisters (go for magnet fixings so clothing is not damaged by pins)
  • Ceremony arrangements – pew/aisle ends, long and low table arrangement, pedestal arrangements, floral archways and bay trees
  • Table centrepieces – There are so many different variations of table centrepieces to choose from. I always love tall arrangements because they give height to a room and look very showy and don’t hide guests faces when you are talking to them.  These may come in the form of tall cylinder vases, martini glasses or candelabras.  However, you may prefer pretty low level posies in a fish bowl vase, ordinary vase, oasis or in jam jars.  You florist will be able to advise on styles and flower types.
  • General venue flowers – You might want to decorate other areas of the venue with flowers for example, staircases, cake toppers, mantelpieces, window sills, coffee tables, bar area, doors, gardens, table plan and gift and cake tables.


Each florist differs so this is a tough area.  The more foliage you use the less it will be.  Out of season flowers will cost more as will opulent lavish designs that use more flowers and take more of the florist’s time to create.

Bouquet’s and buttonholes are a necessity but the above are really not, so be realistic.  Most florists will itemise every element and you’ll be able to cancel an entry you do not require closer to the time, if budget is an issue.

DIY flowers?

If you have someone in your wedding party who’s pretty darn awesome at flower arranging and can get to a wholesale flower market, then by all means have a go.  However, in general I would discourage you from providing your own flowers on the big day.  Flower arranging is a skill, that’s why florist’s exist.  They have trained to know how to put together arrangements in a aesthetically pleasing manner.  They are also a fresh product and will need conditioning.  You’ll be too busy getting ready and enjoying your morning – so in my opinion, if you are going to spend money, hire a florist! Your venue will be transformed and the place will look breathtaking!