10 reasons why you should have a gift list

Creating a wedding gift list allows you to have the newlywed home of your dreams or a perfect honeymoon. They give your guests guidance with selecting the perfect wedding gift for you both. If you’re not sure about a gift list, here are ten reasons why having a registry a great idea.
​1. ​Create the perfect newlywed home
Whether you and your partner live together or separately, a wedding gift list an ideal time to update your home décor to luxury items you have always wanted. Create a new style to reflect both of you and choose from thousands of gorgeous products with all of your favourite items in one place.
2. Your guests prefer for you to have a gift list
Friends and family all want to buy you a gift to celebrate your special day. Creating a wedding gift list makes it easy for them to buy you a present you treasure and it’s an essential part of your wedding day planning.
​3. ​Receive gifts you’re sure to love
A gift list ensures that you will love all of the gifts your guests choose. Add any item from any retailer in the world, and have all of the best brands on one list. Bring together timeless heirlooms, top luxury brands, cool lifestyle gifts, well-known heritage brands and unexpected treasures all on one list. We can source any item for you.
​4. ​Politely ask for honeymoon funds
Your guests will want to give you a gift to commemorate your marriage and if money is what you want, they’ll be more than happy to help. A gift list allows you to ask for cash contributions in a polite and elegant way. Create bespoke cash ‘gifts’ such as cocktails on the beach or flight upgrades, and receive all of the money given by guests in your bank account without commission fees or third parties.
​5. ​Find a special heirloom to last forever
Add luxury items to your gift list and create long-lasting heirlooms to pass down to future generations. Whether it’s a crystal vase or sterling silver photo frame to hold your wedding photos, guests will love to purchase a gift to celebrate your special memories.
​6. ​It’s convenient and easy for everyone
Creating your wedding gift list at Prezola is simple, plus your own expert gift list curator will be available to help you and your guests. With our express checkout,  guests can choose a gift, write a personalised message and opt for gift wrapping in a matter of minutes.
​7. ​Celebrate newlywed life in style
You’ll receive all of your gifts after the wedding, so there’s something to look forward to after the big day. It’s all your guests want: to know they’ve helped towards starting you off on the right foot, with their love and support and everything you need for a happy life together.
​8. ​It feels better than Christmas
It’s such a joy to open everything at once after your honeymoon. Your guests won’t have to carry large gifts to your wedding or reception – very convenient for destination weddings – and you can arrange a convenient time after your wedding for us to deliver all your gifts in one go.
9. ​It’s easy to write thank you notes
We send you a list of all the presents in your delivery along with the names of people who sent them so there’s no more matching up handwriting or second-guessing.
10. Donate to a charity close to your heart
Your wedding gift list is the ideal way to turn “I do” into “I do more”. Ask family and friends to donate to any charity of your choice and we’ll send you the money to donate, so you can further benefit them with Gift Aid.
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