Places to consider in the UK for your mini moon.

If you’ve never heard of a mini moon, where have you been? They are an increasingly popular option for newly married couples who choose to wait a bit before venturing out on their proper honeymoon. The clue is in the name – mini moons are short breaks taken by newlyweds after the wedding, while waiting for the proper honeymoon at a later date.


There are obviously various reasons for choosing this type of holiday and choosing to delay the official honeymoon. Budget constraints after the wedding, work commitments or personal reasons are all common answers you could hear from a couple setting out on a mini moon and postponing their official honeymoon.


The location and length of mini moons both tend to be shorter – both shorter distances away from home and shorter lengths of stay. For couples based in London or the south of England, they might venture slightly up north or to Scotland or Ireland for their mini moon. The same is true for couples based in Ireland or in Scotland, they tend to travel slightly further away from home for the mini moon, but never abroad. With the multitude of beautiful hotels, towns and sights to be seen throughout the UK and Ireland, it’s the perfect choice for couples not ready to take a full honeymoon just yet.


Below is a list of some of the best locations to consider if you’re planning a mini moon. They all are set in beautiful, stunning parts of the country, and offer complete relaxation and comfort for you and your new partner and are the perfect getaway before the real thing.


  • Beaverbrook, Surrey. This luxury, country house hotel comes top of our list for a reason. Located very centrally just a short drive from London, this British Country Estate is the perfect mini moon for couples across the UK. The estate is set across the beautiful Surrey Hills and is surrounded by countryside and nature – ideal for a stunning mini moon away from the hustle and bustle. With several accommodation options available, you’re sure to find something that suits you and your partner perfectly, and allows you that bit of luxury while still staying close to home.


  • Galgorm Resort & Manor, County Antrim. Northern Ireland is a good choice for any mini moon, with good airport connections throughout the UK. The Galgorm Manor is a short drive away from both airports, and the manor is set in the middle of the Irish countryside, allowing you to relax and enjoy your newlywed bliss. There is also a spa onsite, should you wish to spoil yourself a little more.


  • Springkell, Dumfries. One of Scotland’s most popular mini moon destinations is the Springkell Manor and Hotel in Dumfries. Set in beautiful Scottish countryside, this is a good option for anyone hoping to explore Scotland in comfort and is close enough to the border to make it accessible from England. The hotel offers plenty of restaurants, golfing options, a spa and some stunning views.


  • Gleneagles, Auchterarder. Another Scottish destination comes onto our list, this time great for any golfing fans who want a spot of sports while relaxing on their mini moon. Set on Scotland’s beautiful west coast, this is another great spot for anyone looking for relaxation and a spot of exploring up North. The hotel boasts great restaurants and beautiful rooms, but also a world-class professional golf course for a spot of sports while on your break.


  • Gilpin Hotel, the Lake District. The last of our top mini moon destinations is the family-owned Gilpin Hotel in the Lake District. This lovely country estate is sure to give you a slice of the honeymoon feel, helping you unwind and have a bit of romance while staying close to home. The hotel is centrally located to the motorway, meaning it is easily accessible for a short mini moon getaway. It overlooks Lake Windermere, meaning you’ll never be short of views out of your bedroom window.