Wedding Favour Inspiration

One of my Summer 2016 clients is looking to have beautifully crafted macarons to give to her guests.  It got me thinking about the plethora of options available to couples looking to show their appreciation to their guests attending their special day. Over the years I’ve seen so many creative ideas!

Favours will add a personal touch to your big day.  If you’re all about the design, a favour can add a stylish addition to your tablescape/theme.  Here are some examples to help you choose the favour right for you.  By the way, a favour isn’t an essential element, so if you’re on a tight budget you might want to omit this from your plans.

Sweet Treats

  • Macarons in transparent boxes/bags – you want to be able to see these beauties right?! Add some ribbon in your choice of colour along with a personalised label
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix – fancy a trip down memory lane? Fill bags with nostalgic sweet shop favourites
  • Hot chocolate cones/jars – perfect for Winter weddings.  Create your own layered jars with hot chocolate, marshmallows and sprinkles
  • Truffles
  • Biscuits, shortbread or fudge

Tip: Get your pals to help you create these mini gifts.  Make a night of it with cocktails and nibbles!  You can buy crafty bits from local craft stores or eBay.










Bottoms up!

  • Homemade sloe gin or flavoured vodka in mini bottles – it’s a celebration isn’t it?!
  • Mini bottles of fizz
  • Limoncello in mini bottles

Tip: Make sure your venue is ok with you bringing in alcohol.  Some venues have strict licenses.  












  • Drink token – you could set up a tab at the bar where each guests receives a free drink using personalised drinks tickets
  • Lottery ticket/scratch card











  • CD of songs played on the day with personalised sleeve
  • Badges/magnets
  • Charity donation
  • Hand written personalised letter – I LOVE THIS!














  • Candles
  • Seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Sparklers
  • Matches with “The perfect match” on
  • Christmas baubles










Little ones

Some of the items above won’t be suitable for children.  Think about putting together “bags of fun” for any little ones attending your big day.  You could include colouring pencils, quiz books, puzzles, toys and sweets.












So many online retailers provide either the elements to make the favour or the complete product.  It really depends on what time you have spare and your budget.

If you don’t fancy putting the favours on the tables, you could look at providing a “favour station”, I’ve seen this with sparklers, sweets and cakes and it works well.

The above list is certainly not exhaustive and anything goes – so get your creative hats on!

I hope that provides some help to you!

Have a great week.

Much love,

Olivia x

*Images courtesy of pinterest